Population: 9,377

Photo by Birdie Lopez
c/o Moon's News

Come Enjoy Our Cozy Little Community! 

New Moon's Brew

Moon's Brewery, backbone to its economy, historical hotspot, and pride of the north pacific plays host to an international whiskey delagation!

Voted Safest Town!

Moon's Landing was voted the safest town by the council fifth year running! Come visit the coziest little town you never did see!

Welcome To The Moon

A quick welcome and some friendly advice from our esteemed head of the HOA, Lois Jones!

Advice With Weiss

Local celebrity and cherished author Shelley Weiss shares her latest book!

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Murder by Copy Now Available!

by Shelley Weiss

If you enjoy short stories that you can read in an afternoon, then I've got the books for you!

Care To Comment?

by Blanche Pruitt

"No murders here" says Sheriff.

The Wisdom Of Whiskey

by Mason Moon

I'm doing this because I'm obligated.

Bird Dog's Tweets

by Birdie Lopez

The many misadventures of Butterscotch!

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